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so i did get tickets.. for the 1st philly show. and they actually suck. i tried at exactly 10 o'clock and it told me that they didn't have anything matching my requests of 2 tickets, but i was in denial and so i kept trying and trying and finally got seats in section 221.. so i bought them only then to find that they had added another philly show and i might have been able to get better seats in that one. *sigh* oh well, i don't even care, as long as i get to see my U2! this will be my first concert.. :)

ticketmaster hasn't emailed me the tickets yet though. i got the order confirmation email but not the tickets. is that normal? the email says if i don't get them within 24 hours, contact ticketmaster.

AHHHH I'M SEEING U2<333333 (even if i am behind the stage and far away!)
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