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Thank you all :)

so i sent out the this morning to try my hand at the general ticket sale after the presale debacle. got on ticketmaster..com, did the refreshing my san diego tickets finally became available, tried to get them.... sold out. damn the world. so i was rather distraught decided to read live journal, see how others had made out. heard about people getting tickets after it said it was sold out and more shows becoming available so headed back to tickemaster.com tried again, started getting all sorts of errors wound up closing all my windows, reopening the main page, new date added... and its a san diego one. head to that, tickets not available yet, refresh, refresh, finally become available go for it and got my little general admission ticket :) very very happy.

oh and the San Diego Union Tribune even mentioned the presale debacle, and i must say based on u2.com's announcements it made it seem as if the new dates would have presale availability before general sale which was definitely not the case... but i got my tickets so i guess i should just be happy.
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