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Chicago rules, even if our baseball teams sometimes don't!

So its 9:45 am when my alarm goes off and I roll out of bed, fly down stairs, say hello to the family, and immediately return, caffeine and cigarette in hand to begin the preparations for my U2 quest (which consisted of sitting on Its 9:57 and my internet explorer locks up. I go BACK downstairs to the main computer (thank god we're all networked dorks in this house), bank card in hand. My check/debit card is the only piece of plastic I own. So, FINALLY at 10:02am, I am able to get into the site for tickets. Thinking that the first show is gonna be sold out already, I immediately go for the second show because yeah I'm not picky. TicketBastard times out once, then I try again and it takes 12 minutes, but I have Section 225, Row 5, Seats 7 and 8. Score. And only 49.50 apiece, so I'm totally stoked. Its behind the stage but whatever. I go to checkout.. get everything taken care of and submit my info.. and it comes back with an error that my card cannot be processed. After the debacle with my bank earlier this week (charges made online NOT BY ME), I had put a stop on an internet transaction. Well, those sons of.... they canceled my bank card, which I find out at 10:10am, and after my order timed out and someone else got my seats. Now I'm pissed. Then the third show was added. I'm still seething at this point but I'm getting desperate. My mother, lovely woman that she is gives me her credit card. I try for the third show, its already sold out. I'm losing hope so fast its insane. At the last minute as I was about to give up I see that they have added a fourth and final show. It takes my mom forever to log into TicketBastard with her account because the site is so bogged down with all of us rabid U2 fans across the nation. Finally nearly one hour, three sold out shows, a cussing of the bank's security department and 5 cigarettes later, I've got U2 tickets for the 4th show, May 12, 2005 at the United Center. You could tell me I had to stand in an aisle directly in front of a pole, with a blindfold on, and I am not even kidding you, as long as I could hear my favorite band in the world play, it WOULD NOT MATTER. Screw TicketBastard, screw the fanclub presale that denied SO many people good seats, screw my bank. But God love U2!!!!!!! <3

That all having been said I am going to listen to my bootleg copy of the Oct 15, 2001 Elevation show from the UC.

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