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something is very, very wrong

This morning, I rose early to help a friend by attempting a purchase for Philly. When the onsale began, the first thing that came up for me was Section 228 or something like that, behind the stage. I tried again for the added Philly show, same thing happened. I chalked up the lack of success to the internet and the fact that loads of people were hitting the site at the same time.

Then I went to a TM outlet for the San Diego onsale. I was the first in line, the first of three. Two friends of mine were also first in line at two different outlets. We kept tabs on one another via phone.

When the onsale came, the lady behind the computer hit the ticket button as soon as the onsale started, and the very first tickets to come up were section LL. No floor. One level up. The second person in line was like me, wanted floor, so the third guy in line bought the LL tickets. They were $200something. Keep that in mind, because it's important for later.

When the lady printed the tickets, after the guy paid, the tickets were the same price but were in the very back of the Sports Arena, near the rafters. The lady called TM and got the guy's money refunded.

A quick phone call to a friend confirmed that the first tickets out of the other outlets' computers were also for seats.

The second show went onsale, and again, the lady hit the ticket button as soon as TM let her in, and again, the first seats out were LL. In fact, they were the same section that had come up for SD1, but this time, the pair was $400 -- well over $100 more than the same tickets for the first show. No floor tickets came up at all.

Another quick phone call confirmed that the exact same thing happened at the two other outlets.

Something is very wrong here. WHERE ARE THE FLOOR TICKETS??? I have an idea of where they went, and I'm thinking that these were very possibly spoken for before the onsale even started...check this out.

I don't think this is the band's fault. Tuesday was largely their bag, but today seems to involve many factors that have built up over time and have made an incredibly flawed system. PopMart was not this bad. Even Elevation wasn't...I bought tix for three shows at outlets the day of the general onsales, and I had GA for all three. But for no floor seats to come up right when the onsale begins...that waves a big red flag that something is very, very wrong.

While I said that I don't think today's issues are the band's fault, I do think that the band has some responsiblity as an entity that uses TicketMaster to look into where the system failed.

How'd the rest of you do?

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