Bee Happy (hfrogg451) wrote in u2,
Bee Happy

U2 tickets

Hi people in U2 land. Ok, so I was one of the very, very, very luck ones who got a pre-sale ticket on Tuesday (althought it caused me enough stress and I thought I was going to have a stroke). Then today, I was trying like mad for a GA ticket to either show and I had no luck. I don't know what the ticket is and if you've gotten a GA ticket I'd like to know your secret because I had four browsers open and was already logged in and I still had no luck! Anyway, I did manage to get another ticket for the 9/10 show. Section 104, Row 20, seat 8. The thing is, I don't have this kind of money! I mean, I do but I shouldn't really be spending it on tickets no matter how much I love the Boys. So I'm thinking of selling my 9/10 show ticket. It's an email ticket (I know I'm silly, but I like the immediate satistfaction of holding my ticket) but if you know someone who is interested I'd be willing to sell it at face value. I think..... k.
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