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Do You Love Unconditionally???

((I copied and pasted this from my post at u2.com))

Maybe I am a geek, but I do.

I've had my son steal money out of my purse in his darkest hour. He has taken my belongings to the hawk shop. I've had to turn his ass in. I've had him turn to my face and yell out loud that he hates me. Do I hate him? No. Was I very very pissed at him and deeply hurt for awhile? Yes! But I got over it in time. People only learn from mistakes.

Now, U2.... the awesome music/art/poetry has been with me longer than my son has. (He is 18 now).. I have had an ongoing love affair with this band for many many years. Am I pissed off that fans were ripped off? Hell yes! I've signed the petition, I've commented at u2page.com, I've barked and yelped quite a few times. I've gotten no response to this day about the 20 dollars off I should have gotten for my old prop subscription. I paid forty for this one. But I am not walking away. I am going to give it time and i am going to forgive and forget. I'm not rich, I couldn't get the stupid iPod, and I won't be spending as much as I had in the past to purchase singles or every version of every cd released in every country i could possibly get... crazy shit like that! Maybe a lot of ppl think this website is a joke, but I think it is pretty damn cool that everyone can come here ((to u2.com)) and put up a bitch and know that somehow the band will be let known about it. i have no doubt in my mind they know what is going on and I have no doubt in my mind they felt let down by the whole pile of crap as well. I feel that U2 will learn from this big big mistake.

Anyway, call me stupid, call me a sheep or call me blind, but I love this band and I need their music. I will continue to follow.


Aims McB
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