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I am ashamed of myself

Once we all knew what the first date of Vertigo was, I made a promise to myself that I would see my Irish Boys from the GA section on March 28, 2005. I told myself that between the presale and regular onsale I would get the tickets I needed, and be able to see the show with my brother.

Like most of the U2 community, I failed on the 25th and I failed on the 29th.

Today I scoured the unholy Ebay for two GA tix. I came across a pair at $165 a piece ($340 after shipping, total) and bought them. I am ashamed at myself.

I might have lucked out with day-of tickets. They may have released some more between now and the show. may have been nice and sent me some as a prize for just being in the fan club and pissing away the 40 bucks. But I couldnt risk it.

On a brighter note, despite my 3 utter failures (Presale, and onsale for Boston and then Diego), my brother pulled off tickets for Boston 5/26 (Nosebleed) and Philly 5/22 (GA!!!).

I'm one lucky SOB with a dark, dreadful shame in his closet. I aided the scalpers.

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