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Watchdog! & Ticketmaster USA

BBC’s ‘Watchdog’ reviews U2’s U.K. ticket sales

The BBC’s consumer complaints programme, ‘Watchdog’ will be doing a feature on ticketing arrangements for U2’s shows in the U.K. on Tuesday night’s programme (Feb 1, 7pm GMT, BBC1). The show’s producers hope to interview a representative from Ticketmaster and will apparently discuss complaints from U2 fans regarding’s $40 membership charges. (source: M.C.)

Ticket ‘brokers’ in the U.K. are selling tickets for prices between £200-500.

For those of you in the States that didn't get tickets. Ticketmaster are contacting everybody who didn't manage to get tickets using their presale code. See for more info.
But it would seem as if U2 have got there backsides in gear. No doubt all the bad press will have helped.

Hopefully things will be sorted out for those without.


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