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Update: I deleted the last post - no sense having it still up, since I ended up just using the page (instead of going through and ... after trying twice for GA's and getting the message of, "There are no tickets available that match your request" - I tried one last time, bitterly thinking I'd get stuck in the nosebleeds like so many other fans lately (even though I'd still be happy just to BE there, of course.) I sighed as I selected GA-Floor from the drop-down menu, copied in my fan code again, clicked Look For Tickets ....

....and scored two GA's for Phoenix. I will be able to see my favorite band with my best friend Patrick for the first time - the band that brought us together on June 1st, 2001 on the U2 mailing list Wire. Seeing a U2 show with the best friend I'll ever have in my life, and being there knowing that it's because of this wonderful band that I know this incredible person in the first place ... it's going to be just pure magic. I burst into tears when I got my order confirmation and immediately called my mother to blubber to her about it :) It'll be my fourth U2 show (my third time with GA) and I am just so excited :)

I hope other fans were as fortunate as I today!

PS - When Patrick calls, I'm going to act dejected and like we didn't get anything ;) I'll let him get really discouraged and sad and then spring it on him that come the crack of dawn on April 14th, we'll be huddled next to the doors of Glendale Arena ;)

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