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Hey everyone, I'm new here! I'm super-excited over the new tour, and my mom tracked down four tickets to San Diego on the 30th, BUT, I had another ticket for Anahiem. I just wanted to post this link to see if anyone needed it, cos I don't! I'm not making a profit, I promise. Ticket Master really jacked the price up :(.

It's on Ebay!

I've been a fan since 2000, right about the time of all the election stuff, as a matter of fact, because I got ATYCLB for my birthday that year. I'm in a band that covers some U2, some Police, Cake, The Cure, ect. I was at the U2 Convention in Ontario last year, and drove out to Ohio (from So Cal) two years ago to see the exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. My favorite songs are City of Blinding Lights, Beautiful Day, Mysterious Ways, Drowning Man, New Year's Day, Bullet the Blue Sky, Last Night on Earth, and like a billion others.
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