xx_u2love_xx (xx_u2love_xx) wrote in u2,


I had a quick question because I'm quite a novice to the whole concert-going experience, especially when it comes to U2.

My seats for the San Jose show are in section 107, which you can see through this link: http://www.ticketmaster.com/seatingchart/229393/12766

I was really excited about these seats with a seemingly direct view of the stage, because some people told me if you have GA tickets you can't even see the stage. I was thinking too that as a first-time U2 concert-goer I might be overwhelmed standing for three hours amid the throng of screaming U2 fans. However, looking at all the posts on this site in which everyone is clamoring so hard for GAs, I've been wondering if I should have exchanged my GA tickets for these, after all.

Anyways, I'm not going to be upset at ALL even if lots of people think GAs are better, because I am so grateful to be going, but I was just wondering if you guys knew anything about the benefits/drawbacks of my seats. Thanks!
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