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Now now Jim!

The Mirror

Simple Minds singer Kerr, 45, hit out after Bono appeared with Tony Blair and former US President Bill Clinton last week to make a plea for African poverty relief.

Kerr labelled the two leaders "creeps" and accused Bono of indulging in a bout of "backslapping".

He said: "How can Bono, having graced concert stages for over two decades, draped in the white flag of peace and screaming 'No More War' at the top of his lungs contemplate praising and back slapping Tony Blair?

"I can't believe that anyone could fail to identify that no matter what gesture Blair may make towards African debt relief, his slippery hands are currently dripping in the fresh warm blood of Iraqi men, women and children.

"As for showing Clinton any respect, did Clinton's government not provide more for military spending than any previous American government?"

Somebody got out of the bed at the wrong side that morning I think!
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