Epitome of Everything You Hate (ashley_sama) wrote in u2,
Epitome of Everything You Hate

looking for 1 ga boston ticket

Hey, I've got some ticket questions. First off, I'm seeking just 1 ga to any of the Boston shows (or basically any ga that i can trade for a boston show). What I'm thinking of doing is to buy 1 ga for the upcoming general sales for Vancouver, Arizona, Seattle and Denver and then trade it until I could get a Boston ga, hehe. My question is what show would you guys recommend trying to get a ga for?

Also, I have a spare ga to Saturday's Boston show. Unfortunately, I can't trade it off unless I'm garenteed two ga's. So, I'm looking to trade 1 Boston III ga and pay cash for 2 ga's to either of the boston shows. Or, I'm looking to just buy 1 ga. The Saturday show seems to be in high demand so I'm hoping as the concert nears, more people won't be able to go to the other two shows and they'll be desperate for a Saturday ticket. :)

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