ø¤º°Unorthodox Muse°º¤ø (unorthodox_muse) wrote in u2,
ø¤º°Unorthodox Muse°º¤ø

20 questions

I am at work and I am sooooo bored.

Yes they are silly questions, some of them, but I am curious and it would be a good way to see what people are like - in a kinda sorta kinda way.

1. Where are you from?
2. Age?
3. Male or female? (Sometimes it is hard to tell from a screen name!)
4. What show(s) you going to? (Or do you have to wait for another leg?)
5. Did you have trouble getting tickets and have to go through the ticketmaster/u2.com refund or whatever it is stuff or are you settling for the nose bleeds you grabbed in the pre-sale?
6. What other U2 related websites do you hang out at? (Share your screen name if you want to.)
7. What is your first name?
8. Dogs or cats?
9. Pepsi or Coke?
10. Outgoing, shy or middle of the road?
11. Liberal, Conservative or middle of the road? (yeah I am *totally* nosy)
12. What color car do you drive?
13. What other kinds of music do you listen to?
14. What city does "Red Hill Mining Town" remind you of?
15. What one song do you hope U2 *do not* play live this time?
16. Do you worry about them (like me) when they are on tour?
17. Favorite city in the world?
18. Do people think you are insane because when they ask you a U2 related question you get overexcited because someone who doesn't usually listen to them actually asked you about them and you have 20 different ways to answer it correctly without taking a single breath??
19. Ever tried to yodel? Try it now if you haven't. (Yodel--aye--hee--whooo)
20. Tell me something interesting about you and U2.
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