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Ok that's it.....

Ok, I'm pissed! To all those people who make the arguement that because you've been a part of Prodaganda you should some how get special treatment I say grr...

Since when was U2 about seniority and proving who loves them more? It's about the frickin' music people. They aren't gods and we shouldn't be fighting over tickets to see them as if we're starving and they give us food. Fine you should have gotten free memberships to because of the previous membership status in Prod, that makes sense but no you get even more priority in getting tickets???? Why is that fair??

Why because you somehow found out about a magazine before the rest of us? I've been a U2 fan since I was a little, little kid but I didn't know about Prod so because of that I'm being punished??? Furthermore, I joined because I'm a fan, at the time I joined I didn't even know I was going to get priority at tickets! I join and I do things for this band and with other fans out of the love of the music,not to prove my love of them. Not to somehow screw over another fans!

ps: I apologize in advance for this rant and do not mean to insult or injuy anyone. Please, don't all jump down my throat at once....
Instead, please queue and only jump one at a time just like we do for U2 tickets.
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