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RIP my CD, how I loved thee...

Let us all bow our heads and have a moment of silence for ... my Joshua Tree CD.

It has finally been played *so damn much* that now ... it's completely worn out. It will not play on any CD player in the house. It is dead.

I shall not throw it away, but will instead keep it in my U2 Graveyard of other items I have used to death or killed - such as my ZooTV videocassette that took a swan dive from the top of my TV and shattered (and was promptly replaced, of course!), or my Rattle & Hum videocassette that wore so thin it barely played, and my Achtung Baby t-shirt, which I lovingly wore so often and washed so much that it's now in tatters, and can only be worn with another shirt underneath.

O Joshua Tree, you were my first U2 album, the one that introduced me to the band, the one that gave me my favorite song. You faithfully blasted from my stereo speakers, and into my Discman headphones during road trips with my parents, for the past 12 years. I thumbed through your booklet so often that it faded and fell apart, reading the beautiful lyrics and gazing at those four faces which ended up becoming oh-so-familiar as I grew up. I love you, I tried to take care of you, and I hope you had a good life. I shall replace you with another, shinier Joshua Tree as soon as I can get to Best Buy again, but you will never be replaced in my heart.

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