ø¤º°Unorthodox Muse°º¤ø (unorthodox_muse) wrote in u2,
ø¤º°Unorthodox Muse°º¤ø

Fan Fire number incase anyone who was not sent the prop 50% membership discount would like to call instead of sending emails that do not get answered... (I haven't called yet.)

I am such a friggin dork.

I kept getting replies in my email from this post (which you should all do cuz it's fun and you might be bored!).... Anyway, I was going to the dang page over and over to read the new replies and answers to the questions and never saw them. I was baffled, thinking something was majorly wrong with LJ or my settings or something. Well DOH I just glanced down and there is a page two link at the bottom of the page! I don't think I've ever seen one of those on a post here in the community! *smacks self in forehead*

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  • *waves*

    If anybody out there is looking for somewhere to chat about U2 now the @U2 forum is gone... this place still exists. :p

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    Posted on Zootopia a few months ago, posting again here in case anyone wants to steal it! - List U2's studio albums in whatever order you want and…

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