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Croke park concert SOLD OUT

I just spent an hour calling the Ticketmaster Ireland number on redial, and refreshing their ticket website (which, from about 8.05am, just gave me continual error messages). I started at 8am when tickets went on sale. And now, over an hour later, I FINALLY got through on the phone...to receive a message saying everything was sold out for BOTH shows.

This is so frustrating...I couldn't book for any of the earlier UK shows because my thesis is due in about the 3rd week of June - and, as much as I love U2, I'd love to get my degree more. And I can't book for anything later than the 24th, because I'm leaving to go back to New Zealand on the 26th!

I spent my formative U2-loving years in New Zealand, a country U2 hasn't visited since 1993, and now...having travelled 12,000 miles to come study in the UK, I was so hopeful of getting to see them for the first time!!!

I will be spending August and part of September in the US, so all I can hope is that the 2nd US tour fits my dates.

*could cry*
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