Michelle (hothologram) wrote in u2,

Vancouver tickets for sale at face value...

I just finished buying tickets for the Thursday, April 24th concert in Vancouver, and I ended up with two. My sister was also trying for tickets, and ended up with better seats, so I need to get rid of mine.

They are for Section 302, Row 4, Seats 101 & 102 (see seating chart here). I am asking no more than face value + the cost of Ticketmaster fees. That total is ($49.50 X 2 - tickets) + ($2.00 X 2 - facility charge) + ($9.00 X 2 - convenience charge) + ($2.50 - pickup charge) = $123.50 for the pair of tickets. This is in Canadian dollars, so it would be a bit cheaper in US dollars.

If anyone is interested, please, please email me at hothologram@yahoo.com, or post here. I need to sell these tickets. I can mail them to you, or we can meet up in person.

Thanks so much!
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