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Amusing thoughts....

I was poking through some old email and I found this:

It is, of course, U2-centric....

Please answer the following questions YES or NO.

1. Have you stayed awake for 4 days waiting for the new U2 video, even though you knew the exact time it would premiere?

2. Have you ever seen The Fly in your soup?

3. Do people come to you for guidence when they are ready to cross over to U2 worship?

4. Do you know what time it is in Ireland, RIGHT NOW? (If you are in Ireland now, replace with Utah for no apparent reason.)

5. Have you ever dressed up your silverware like Adam?

6. Have you ever made U2 snow men? (complete with fro wigs and bug glasses?)

7. Do you wish you were one of Bono's freckles?

8. Have you ever wanted to buy U2 sunscreen?

9. Do you have a U2 fan page?

10. Do you fantasize about Bono in terry cloth?

11. Have you ever moulded your mashed potatoes into one of Adam's doos? (or into the shape of Bono's nose?)

12. Did you ever see a conga drum and quote Larry: "a conga, my very own conga!"

13. Have you ever had to be restrained because you thought the sound of the bus going over some railroad tracks was Edge warming up?

14. If you can somehow relate olives to U2, answer yes to this question.

15. Have you written letters to Larry's Dog?

16. Can you dance like Bono?

17. Do you like peppermint?

18. Do you despise that woman who tucks in Bono's shirt backstage?

19. Do you want to know desperately how she got that job? (see question #18)

20. Do you keep a potato chip under glass because you think it looks like Edge?

21. Do you have a collection of tree branches you plan to whittle into drum
sticks Larry might like?

22. Do you undergo a practice regiment in which you seek to growl like Bono?

23. Would you wear someone else's used socks to get to meet Edge's housekeeper?

24. Would you chew someone else's gum? Lick their toothbrush? (see question #23)

25. Have you filled your wardrobe with sequined suits and platform shoes?

Granted, I'm not real clear on some of this. Like: Do you like peppermint? OR How to relate olives to U2...but the rest of it is hilarious!

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