Kevin (aznbomb) wrote in u2,

I live a few blocks from the Staples Center. Should I study my boring textbooks for school or go to the Staples Center and wait for hours in the middle of a huge crowd where I have calculated the probablities of these events occuring:

a) Getting a five second or less glance of any member of U2 (12%)
b) Getting a 5-10 second glance of any member of U2 (9%)
c) Getting a minute plus glance of any member of U2 (3%)
d) Shaking any U2 member's hand (1%)
e) Sneaking into the Grammies (0.1%)
f) Sneaking into the Grammies and hanging out with U2 (0.01%)
g) Grabbing The Edge's hat and giving him a big noogie on that bald head of his (0.000001%)
f) Giving Bono a big wedgie (0.00000001%)

While the prospect of giving The Edge a noogie is attractive, I think I'll stay home studying. Any thoughts?

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