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You guys, I went to Amsterdam today and Anton Corbijn was signing autographs there in Schelteman! (I knew this yesterday).

It was because of his new book, ''U2 & I''

There were only 200 English version books of U2 & I in The Netherlands, so I was like: DAD, COME ON, DRIVE FASTER, WALK FASTER, DAMMIT (:P)

I talked with Anton Corbijn for a few minutes, I aksed: (T is me and A is Anton)
T: Is Bono different in real life?
A: Well, he's taller than this (he pointed a picture)
T: I mean, in real life, is Bono really that artistic and hyper? without cameras and such.
A: Yes, he's always 110%
T: Thanks. And Larry, he's shy, isn't he?
A: Yes, he's very independant.
T: Does he really dislikes taking pictures of himself?
A: How do you mean that?
T: Well, I read somewhere that he dislikes it.
A: Yeah, it seems that he doesn't like it, but I never paid much attention to it, he's very independant, maybe that's why. You seem like quite a U2 fan!
T: Yeah, I am.
A: *Grins* So, for the best U2 fan *signs the book, the poster and a blanco note paper*

He signed in the book: For Thierry, Best 2U, Amsterdam, 12-2-05
Poster: For Thierry, Best U2 fan, Amsterdam 12-2-05


I said see ya in the end! Muhahahaha (I'm thinking of making films, clips, movies or making photographs too in the future, so)

Oh! And MTV The Netherlands filmed me, so I'm on MTV tomorrow! (They filmed me a few times, so I have a big chance of being on MTV tomorrow)
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