Jenn (moydrum) wrote in u2,

Boston tickets for trade-

OMG! So while I was out of town, I got an e-mail from Ticketmaster with confirmation for the balcony tickets that I got for Boston in the presale. No big deal. I didn't check my e-mail while I was gone, and on the day I got back I had another e-mail waiting for me from Ticketmaster confirming the GENERAL ADMISSION FLOOR TICKETS that I got for the Boston show in the general public sale! This came as a total shock to me, because I never got a confirmation code for those tickets! On the day of the general public sale, I brought up GA tickets within 10 seconds, but when I put my payment info through, Ticketmaster crashed and lost the order. It was completely gone. But SOMEHOW, without my knowledge, I actually got the tickets! I can't even begin to express how happy I am! As I said the last time I posted (when I thought I got shafted by Ticketmaster) things always work out with U2, thats the reason I love them so much. That magic that has done so many things for me in my life....And the tickets came in the mail today.

So after listening to all that gushing, I will get to my point. This fun surprise for me now means that I have extra balcony tickets for Boston:
Tuesday, May 24th show: BAL307 row 2, seats 5-6
Thursday, May 26th show: BAL306 row 9, seats 9-10

**I am NOT looking to sell these tickets. I am looking to TRADE someone for tickets to the Saturday, May 28th show in Boston. I wasn't able to get tickets to the Saturday show, so I am trying to get two tickets.
I sincerely hope this might help someone out (and me with the other show)!

And on a side note, I saw the video for "Sometimes..." today and it is amazing!
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