Thierry (moydrumm) wrote in u2,

Saying sorry and another request

For all the people who reacted on my posts, and where I didn't post back: I'm sorry, I was on vacation for a whole week in Belgium.

I'm persuading a girlfriend of mine (who loves metallica, mars volta and drum and bass) to listen to U2, she thinks it's just another love song band.
So, I send her the Mysterious ways videoclip, and she loved it.

Now, I need the following videoclips (my kazaa doesn't work and other download programs won't work even :|):
- The Fly
- Lemon (one without the pop ups)
- Discotheque
- Even Better Than the Real Thing
- the ''Until the End of the World'' live version from ''The Best of 1990-2000'' DVD

If anyone can send me these, I will be so happy!

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