Roland (clayboy103177) wrote in u2,

A story about Sian

Hope this isnt seen as disrespectful but it is something that has been in my memory for quite a while and theres probably not a better time to share this with you all than now...

I believe the date was April 15 or so…but it was on the first leg of the Elevation Tour at the Arrowhead Pond. I was lucky enough to be inside the heart for the show, unfortunately, my friends were not so lucky…they cut off entry right when they barely got to the entrance. Anywho, the show rocked and I was a little inebriated and enjoying myself….Well there is a little gap between the stage and that steel fence that holds the crowd back where security walks through. During Where the streets have no name, I see a kind of ruckus going on with security then the “main” security guard kind of gives this sign command to the others that “she’s ok”. Who is she? None other than Morleigh Steinberg holding little baby Sian. She had walked into that gap with Sian to I guess allow her to see her daddy because she was going wild crying and stuff. (don’t worry she had these huge earplugs on) So, with Sian going crazy, Morleigh was kind of holding her up and rocking her kind of saying “look that’s daddy up there!” and Sian was just really going crazy at that point. Finally we get to the end of the song with Edge’s guitar outro and (while hes still playing) bends over all the way to side and gives little Sian a kiss on the cheek. The song ends and Sian then calms down and Her and her Mom disappear to back where they had come from behind the stage. I remember seeing all of this (they were right in front of me) and was just awestruck. Hey I went to see U2 and I also got to see their loved ones! Anyone who was at that show might remember seeing Edge bend down at the end of Where the streets have no name. If anyone remembers this please comment!
Alas, this remains in my mind as a mythical experience but because of recent rumors and/or events….I am reminded how fragile the human experience is and how unfortunate things can happen to anyone.
That being said, I hope that story does something for you guys and my thoughts and prayers are with little Sian and I wish her a very speedy recovery….
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