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Moby mentions U2 and Edge

So you guys know the musician Moby? On his website (moby.com), he has a 'Moby Updates' section, where it's more like a journal. Anyway, I usually check it because he's quite amusing, and in today's entry with the title "No Pun," he mentions U2 and Edge.

link to Moby's site

You know, there aren't too many depressing situations that can't be improved by sitting down and listening to 'Marquee Moon'. There I was, depressed at the deluge of emails that I had just received saying that the television (no pun intended) coverage of my olympics performances were, well, how can I put this, uh, sub-par? Ok, I received a bunch of emails saying that the t.v coverage of my olympics performance was disrespectful and insulting. I haven't seen it. I probably shouldn't see it. I'm a sensitive little idiot. I'd probably cry. Cos I'm a woosie. But there I was sitting in front of my laptop getting deluged and I had i-tunes running (I know, I'm so contemporary...) and all of a sudden 'Marquee Moon' started up and I instantly felt so much better. The healing power of music. Just those simple little guitar notes at the beginning of 'Marquee Moon' and my mood was elevated (again, no pun intended). Oh, by the way, all of these 'no pun intendeds' are referencing the fact that 'Marquee Moon' is a song by television (pun #1) and that televison have a song called 'Elevation', too (pun #2). And I know that Edge from U2 is a huge Televison fan (I heard him say once that Tom Verlaine was a big influence) and the fact that U2 have a song called 'Elevation'...hmm...coincidence? I think not. 'Marquee Moon' (well, side-a especially )is certainly one of the best records ever made. I'm in the middle of it right now. The part in the song 'Marquee Moon' after the very long guitar solo when it's just the guitars on their own doing this delicate passage is really heart-rending. Go buy 'Marquee Moon' if you can. Give it a few listens and hopefully you'll see why the Edge and I love it so much. What a great record. And buy the Goldfrapp album, too, if you don't have it already. I really like Goldfrapp. And see her live if you can. She's great. Especially when she sings through the moog. Ok, this rambling has cheered me up. Thanks for listening. Has someone done a study on the therapeutic value of on-line rambling? It really can be therapeutic. See? I feel better already. 'The world was so thin, between my bones and skin' Ok, now I've entered the realm of people who quote songs in emails. Truth is that I've done it before... In high school I used to cover my books with lyrics. Joy Division especially. And occasionally Television (and Mission of Burma, Echo and the Bunnymen, Theater of Hate, Killing Joke, Black Flag, etc). I was a depressed adolescent and proud of it. And I don't get too excited about guitar players, but that Tom Verlaine, boy was he good. And X, if you don't own an X record go buy 'Los Angeles' or 'Wild Gift'. I'm just full of recommendations tonight, huh. And while you're on a shopping spree buy the first Specials record. And the first Clash record. And 'heaven up here' by Echo and the Bunnymen is pretty great. Newer records? 'deserters songs' by Mercury Rev is great. 'The boatmans call' by Nick Cave is really nice. 'Kids fill the floor' by Freescha. And anything by Magnetic Fields. Ok, time to pack. Then it's off to Toronto. Again, thanks for listening.

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