nik (ze_newie) wrote in u2,

U2 in Vancouver

(i didn't see anything in the rules about posts like this...but if it's not welcome, i'll delete it right away!)

by some stroke of crazy luck, i was able to get 2 floor-level tickets to the U2 show in Vancouver, BC Canada, on April 29th, 2005. however, there are 3 of us who were planning on going to the show together. we've decided that we want to try to find a 3rd ticket, and if that doesn't work out, we'll sell the 2 tickets that we do have. basically, it's an all-of-us-or-nothing kind of thing.

so you can probably guess what i'm wondering. does anybody have a floor-level ticket to the April 29th show at GM Place in Vancouver that they'd like to sell?

if you have a ticket to sell, or you know of someone who does, it'd be awesome if you could either reply here, or email me at thank you so much! :)
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