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while my foster brothers dad was visiting, i was watching a u2 dvd (u2 go home slane). he looks up and says "i saw them once". i asked him which tour and he said "no, not a tour. ontop of a building."
so he tells me about how he once sold perfume on a street shop down south in the 80s. one day it sounded like a riot was going on outside so he went to check it out. according to him, outside there was a big group of people and "some group playing a little concert" on top of the building a few buildings down, making the cops really angry.
when he was done telling me this i had litteratly dropped to the ground. i said "that was not a 'little concert', you were there for the filming of "where the streets have no name" video!". he just nodded his head like he was just remembering and said "yeah, yeah. that sound right."

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