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Sneakin in?

There's this guy who sneeks into the first show on the new U2 tour.

He is very proud of himself for successfully sneaking in, and now he just needs to find a place to sit.

Every seat is taken except for one very nice centrally located seat.

He walks up to it and asks the guy sitting next to it if anyone is sitting there - and sits down and gets ready for the concert.

The show goes on and during a break in the music he strikes up a conversation with the gentleman that let him have the seat.

"Hey ... I think its pretty cool there being an empty seat here on opening day for U2" says the guy who snuck in.

"Actually, I have the ticket for this seat .... my wife and I always go see U2 kick off their new tours." says the guy next to him.

"Where is she now?" says the first guy.

"Sadly, she passed away recently, so I had to come see the concert alone" sighs the first guy.

"Oh, that's terrible ....I feel so sorry for your loss .... but I must admit, I'm a little surprised that you couldn't find a friend or relative to give the ticket to."

"Well ..... they're all at the funeral."
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