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Where the Streets Have No Name

Hello. I recently joined this community, I've been a U2 fan since I was in jr. high in the late 80's. I have a question for you all. "Where the Streets Have No Name" has been my favorite U2 song forever, but I've never heard exactly what this song is about or the story behind it. I once asked a guy from Ireland and he said it was about a depressed area, like a tent city in Dublin, back when times were tough and many people were unemployed and some people were committing suicide by throwing themselves off a tower (the "7 towers...but only one way out" from Running to Stand Still). But I've never heard any confirmation of this. I'd love to hear your ideas & thoughts on this one...What is the song "Streets" about? (Also, if you know of good resources for learning the story/meaning behind other U2 songs, I'd love to know about that too...)
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