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I was telling my dad about an assignment for my Sociology class that we have to bring in a song that is socially aware. So, obviously being the avid U2 fan i am thats easy. The teacher suggested U2 so i thought im not going to bring in Sunday Bloody Sunday or an easy song that most people will think to bring in. I was thinking of Crumbs From Your Table since i am doing my senior research paper on the Africa crisis. But, i have chosen Please since that song is beyond powerful, especially live. If you dont know, the song is about religious nuts and political fanatics who shrink God to their own image etc etc. But i am impressed because my dad right away said "you should choose something from the Sarajevo concert". I have rubbed off on him, haha. I would bring something from the Sarajevo concert but the quality isn't that great to present to a class.

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