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Just got this e-mail from :) Thought everyone would be interested!! Sorry about the presale bits, I've deleted some of them.

It's official!

On Monday the new North American dates for U2's Vertigo//2005 tour will be
announced. The tour will stay in North America right up to the end of 2005.

Dates and cities for this new leg of the tour are officially announced this
Monday, March 7th. We will post the information in the Subscribers area of
U2.Com on Sunday night - along with the information you will need to buy tickets
in the presale.

There will be two separate presale periods for U2.Com Subscribers, each lasting
two days. One takes place this next Wednesday and Thursday (March 9th/10th) and
one takes place the following Wednesday and Thursday (March 16th/17th). Please
log into the Subscribers area on Sunday night for information on which presales
cover which shows.

It's no secret that the presale to the opening leg of the Vertigo Tour failed
many fans. This new system should enable as many subscribers as possible to get
tickets for the new shows. Again, you will not be competing for tickets with
anyone else but yourselves.

And don't forget, your pre-sale doesn't begin until Wednesday, don't go in
earlier as your code won't work.

Again, we can't guarantee to give you the ticket you want, and we can't satisfy
everyone but we are doing our best to give you a fair shot.

And this time around there are more shows, we have been allocated greater
capacity for U2.Com Subscribers.

Thanks for your patience and your support

Best wishes

The U2.Com Team

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