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This is worthy of mentioning

Today, as most of you might now, tickets went on sale for half the shows in the fall. So I get out of school just to get tickets for the show in Houston, and then hurry towards home and the computer.

I rushed so much to place the order that I didn't even look at what ticket I was getting... so I ended up getting nosebleed seats, section 421, row 11. I was so pissed at myself... so I decide to call Ticketmaster to cancel the order, because I knew I could have gotten GA tickets. The dude that picks up cancels the order and tells me that he can't sell me other tickets unless I've the membership code, which was retarded of him to point out since how would have I gotten the other 2 tickets otherwise? So I ask him how to get my tickets, and he says that I've to use the code gave me, but I point out that the code won't work anymore, and he says 'it may or may not work, try placing another order'. I go back online and try to get GA tickets, but of course, the code won't work.

I was really pissed off, because at that point I didn't have neither the nosebleed seats, nor the good ones. So it just comes to my mind the fact that I have Principle Management's phone number from an email they sent me... I decide calling and asking for a solution to my stupid mistake. A woman answered (she had this awesome Irish accent), and told me to write to ticketmaster asking them to reset my password. I couldn't find the email on so instead, I decide calling ticketmaster again. The dude who answered said that only U2 could re-activate it, I was like "WTF? they told me to contact you". I call Ireland again, and the same woman replies. This time she gives me her email addy so she can re-send my email to the person in charge of the codes. I was desperate at this point.
But at 11:40, this dude from ticketmaster calls and says that my code has been reset, and that in 5 minutes I could place another order! But I got the message at 4pm, 'cause I was at school. I was thinking 'fuck, there won't be any GA tickets left by now, 6 hours after the start of the presale!'
To my surprise, there were tickets when I placed my order!!!

I think Principle Management and U2 behaved themselves SO well! I am in awe! They really did improve their service *loves them so much and is so verr verr grateful* They fixed something I had messed up on. Heh.
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