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Ticketbastard or eBay... Oh, the choices!

Okay, folks... I've not posted here for QUITE a long time. But now I have something important to ask for help with. As devoted fan who, sadly, didn't truly discover the Glory of our boys until late 2002 (just barely missing out on the Elevation tour), I am now needing a little assistance from the wiser and more experienced crowd regarding general ticket purchases.

So I'm sitting here reading over back-dated posts, hoping for any tips or strategies to help me to get GA (should there be any left) for Atlanta when the general sale begins in 2 and 1/2 hours. Before anybody asks... Yes, I do HAVE to get GA, and it's not simply a matter of refusing to settle for anything less. I need 2 tickets and I only have $150 to put towards this, and even that money is borrowed from several of next month's bills. Here's hoping I get some overtime at work in the next two weeks! LOL

Anyhow... Just out of curiosity, while waiting for the minutes on the clock to tick away I meandered over to eBay just to gawk at the outragous prices the scalpers are selling GA sets for that they aquired through the presale. And after a few minutes of my expected disgust, I notice something else... not ALL of the GA tickets for sale on eBay were ridiculously priced!! There are multiple 2-ticket sets ranging from a current price of $15 (I'm worried about this one... I figure the seller expects that to go WAY higher) to $150 (approx. what you would pay, including fees, should you get them through Ticketmaster). Most of these auctions end today, nearly all of the sellers have 200+ feedback comments, and many have a positive approval rating ranging from 99.7% to a full 100%!

So a person sits here and ponders... Should I even screw around with Ticketmaster at 10:00 am EST, or should I go straight to eBay? Since none of the auctions are ending less than 3 hours from now, perhaps I should check out TicketMaster and see what happens, but if I can't get my GA there, then should I turn around and buy from eBay? For those of you who HAVE purchased tickets on eBay at "It seems too good to be true!" deals, what were your experiences? Did you buy from a reputable seller with a good rating?

Any and all help is appreciated, especially seeing as houw this is kind of time-sensitive... I just can't imagine i'm the only one up this early to buy tickets! :) Let's discuss!

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