GlitterKittyKid (glitterkittykid) wrote in u2,

I'm really pissed off at Ticketmaster for this reason:

Click: Best Tickets available.

What shows up? Tickets in the three hundred level. I sigh and accept shelling out three hundred some dollars for not good tickets.

Just out of curiousity I search for tickets in the one hundred level. .. . . .. . Yeah excellent tickets right in front of me.

Six tickets and $800 dollars later I pray ticket master will refund the original purchase.

Dear Bono.
I am a college student. Five hundred dollars just to see you again is just a tad outrageous, no? I mean I understand you gotta keep your family fed and that everyone else needs to get payed, but even Mick Jagger didn't suck my wallet quite that dry. Or even David Bowie. Combined. Together they were less than you. Bono, please tell me that some of this money is going to charity.... :/
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