into the heart of a child... (aloneinthelight) wrote in u2,
into the heart of a child...

Ticketmaster woes....

My dad purchased two GA's and when we checked the account this afternoon we find out that we are in section 315 row L. what the fuck? we call TM and try to get a compensation but they are assholes. So i was all fuckign excited about being on the floor, when in reality we get upper level seats. We are going to try and shoot for the next Atlanta show and pray we get better results. Im also hoping they throw in a date for Charlotte. There is a pretty big gap between the november 2 and the 16th so they may throw that in. But still, i do have tickets to see fucking U2! I just really wanna be on the floor since i missed out on that the last time, i had lower level seats in charlotte, i need to be able to jump around and hold up signs the band will see and wait in line all day and etc etc etc. fingers crossed for next week.
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