Nathan Summers (boog0r) wrote in u2,
Nathan Summers

When I left this morning to go to a funeral, I was seeing 5 shows for Vertigo:
3/28 - San Diego (GA)
5/22 - Philly (GA)
5/26 - Boston
5/28 - Boston
10/20 - DC (GA)

Thats a pretty decent haul, and I was quite pleased. Its one more time that i'll see them this tour than last tour.

I came home, and found in my messages a phone call from my brother in DC. He single-handedly added 3 shows to that last this morning:

10/19 - DC (GA)
12/04 - Boston
12/05 - Boston

8 shows. 4 GAs. None of the GAs are in my hometown shows. Am I complaining? Hell no.

Thank god I have 4 weeks of vacation time this year. And thank you to U2 for being on tour. And, also, thank you to Ali for letting Bono go out and play with his school friends in the US this year.
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