jay el dee (jayelde) wrote in u2,
jay el dee

Next single...?

So...here in Australia...radio stations (well, the two I commonly listen to) are starting to flog both Crumbs From You Table and City of Blinding Lights...both seem to be getting serious and equal airspace. Is one of these songs going to be the next single from HTDAAB? Personally...these 2 songs are both in my top 3 favourite tracks from the album (Original of The Species being the 3rd...for me). So I would love to see either of these two songs as a single...but are we again going to be sick of the radio airplay by the time the song hits the shops?

You know...whoever makes the CD single release time decisions over at the U2 camp really sucks. It they wanna sell a CD...then don't release the song to radio stations a month before hand! Down here in Oz...both Vertigo and SYCMIOYO were both flogged to death by radio stations for over a month before the single hit the shops....so by that time...everyone was pretty much sick of the song...and the singles struggled to sell. I love singles...and will always buy them purely for any B-sides on offer...but I just think they need to rework their marketing.
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