Amanda (gloria269) wrote in u2,

Not such a beautiful day

As a fan who has seen U2 on every single tour since the Live Broadcast/Achtung Baby tour, I am so disappointed. I woke up on time with my computer set this morning to attempt to get some tickets. I could not afford to get a subscription to the fan club and after the fiasco of what happened with the first leg I thought why even bother? So having woken up on time and sitting patiently at my computer while Ticketbastard does it's stuff, I find that I am unable to get tickets to any of the shows in the New York area, which is where I'll be living in six months time. I even tried Philly as soon as they were available and DC. I can't afford to pay scalper prices of $500 a ticket, and apparently they're all completely sold out.
This is the worst I've ever seen a tour handled in my history of U2 concerts. I've been able to get tickets every single time they've gone on tour for thirteen years. From one poor college student to any others that might be feeling my plight out there, I wish you hope of a beautiful day when scalpers don't get any tickets at all and tickets are doled out in order of fanship. To everyone else who is getting to go, tell Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam that I said hello.
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