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Attitude 'toon up

From this month's Achtoon Baby:

"OH I UNDERSTAND: we're *all* U2's biggest fans and we all deserve to touch the hem of Edge's (bedazzled? please?) jeans and see Adam like totally look right at us and have Larry acknowledge our awesome homemade sign by pointing at it with his right drumstick and then be pulled onstage by Bono for a platonic yet somehow hot slow dance during which we promise not to grope the legendary front man--in fact, we will even slump over a bit to disguise the fact that we are probably so much taller than he is! Because we love him so much omigod!!!"

I just had to share that because it made me laugh. A lot. Kelly's hilarious and perfectly pinpoints the U2 fan experience every time. I thought maybe a few of you could use a laugh too. :-)

In closing, Achtoon Baby rules.

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