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Rock Hall

I just got back from the Rock Hall...went and watched the broadcast from New York.

Bruce Springsteen gave an AWESOME speech...very very good introduction speech. And all 4 of them talked! BBono and Edge talked for a while, Larry's was short and Adam talked for a bit.

Then they played Until the End of the World, Pride, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Bruce joined them on the guitar and singing), and then Vertigo.

It was awesome!! And definitely worth the sitting for 4 hours. lol how did I know U2 would be last?
maybe cause they save the best for last. lol of course that's why.

Really though, Bruce Springsteen's speech was amazing. He did an awesome job inducting them.

And Bono with the champagne....I think that was my favorite part.
I can't wait til they air it on VH1 on Saturday.

just thought I'd share...
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