Camilo J. (camiloj) wrote in u2,
Camilo J.

Would you? Or wouldnt you?

Help! I need some advice/ideas. I recently landed a GA tix (with a friend) for 11/2 Staples Center L.A. show. Yeah, all the way in November. I have no tix for first swing.

BUT...I just received an opportunity to purchase two tickets for OPENING NIGHT but they are Terrace 8a and Terrace 9a which are BEHIND the stage at San Diego Sports Arena. Tickets are just $90 each and not seated next to each other (but not real far).

Would you do it? Just to be there on opening night, would you pay $90 to be behind the stage? I am tempted to do it just to "be there". Let me know what you would do if you were in my situation. Thanks U2 LJers!
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