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Favorite concert moment?

I was replying to someone else's post about an Elevation concert on 4/26/01. That particular show was my all time favorite because poor Edge was having a horrible night and Bono was picking on him...Just a hilarious night overall...

During Sunday Bloody Sunday:
"But I wont heed the battle call.....*Guitar goes out*
...I wont heed the battle call.......
Edge broke a string, it dont mean nothing at all!
Sunday Bloody Sunday......"

At that point Dallas had come out of his little cave to replace guitars.

During Angel of Harlem:
"Angeeeeeel of Haaaaarlemmmmm *Guitar string snaps*
Bono: He never breaks strings-The Edge.....thats 2 this evening!

At the beginning of All I want is you:
Bono: Edge? You ok?
Edge: *fiddles with tuning keys*
Bono: Two strings...out of tune *laughs* Wow...I sometimes forget that he' know...human and shit......Dr. Spock are you with us?
Edge: *Gives Bono the thumbs up*
They proceed with song...
I just love those little band moments...

What are YOUR Favorite Live Moments??
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