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I know I'm probably not the only one here that feels the same way, but I'm somewhat ticked off that I punched the sleep button on my alarm last saturday and missed the on-sale time of 10am for the fall leg's Tampa 15 minutes. By the time I came onto, at about 10:15am, tickets were already gone. I hate the internet. I really do. Now, if I want to buy tickets, I have to go and pay more than four times the face value of the tickets. It's kind of ridiculous when you think about how long you've waited for them to come back near where you live, and they finally do...after about 3 years...and within 15 minutes of their availability, your odds of getting two DECENT tickets under $500 decrease drastically. Now I have to go spend a crapload of money for two tickets for myself and my girlfriend. *sigh*

My apologies. I had to vent somewhere.
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