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I MET BONO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! </h1>

I went down to GM Place after work originally hoping to listen in on the rehearsals and meet some U2 fans. I'll be honest in saying that as much as I wanted to meet U2, I really went down there to bond with other U2 fan club members, make new friends and be around good people on St. Patrick's Day. Bonding with other U2 fans is a reward in itself. I enjoyed sharing sentimental experiences with others.

I met kaishijinn and we clicked right a the sweetest most sincere U2 fan that I have met so far. Slowly as the day passed, more people came and more stories were shared.

Bono's ride drove out of the venue at around 3ish in a black fancy van with tinted windows. The figure inside looked like Bono but I wasn't sure at first.

Bono initiated the meet and greet by rolling down his window to say hello. The few of us who were waiting politely slowly walked up to the car. He extended his hand to greet us and even though he was in a rush and couldn't stop to sign anything, he made sure that we were "taken care of." I just stood there in shock, confusion and was numb all over.

I did manage somehow, with my hands shaking, to take a picture.
Of course out of politeness and courtesy I asked Bono's permission if I could take his picture for my Livejournal. I'm not one of those pop tart fans that crosses the line. Bono sincerely appreciated the courtesy and waited until the picture was taken before driving off.

I did manage to say "Thank You", the simple words I've been wanting to say for the past 4 years since "All That You Can't Leave Behind."

Later on kaishijinn and I ease dropped on portions of the rehersals.

1. Beautiful Day
2. Mysterious
3. Vertigo with snippets from "Stories for Boys"
4. Bullets

Remember this story

I meet Danielle today. It was so awesome to meet the girl who returned U2's suitcase. I'm scheduled to do an interview with her for my March/April 'zine and clear the stories and the media rumours.

Another treasured memory.

P.S. Good to see them not traveling in a beat up white mini-van.
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