Wydok (wydok) wrote in u2,

U2 Unchained!

Starring Steve Reeves as Hercules . . . er, wait, sorry.

Anyway, I had, a one point, been in possession of a MP3 copy of Unchained Melody/One performed by U2 and Pearl Jam. I ask you, my humble U2 freaks, if any of you know what the circumstances were behind that get-together. Was is some kind of concert of fund-raising banquet, or was it actually on a album somewhere? I have also heard of just U2 playing Unchained Melody, but all the MP3s I had gotten of it were lower quality, and I would much rather have it on (a real) CD, if possible.

(Just want the boys to get paid.)

Does anyone have any information about this? Thanks in advance. :-)
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