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So I am sitting here in a computer lab on campus, hoping that the T1 internet connection will assist me in my ticket-buying hopes this morning. I also know my credit card number from memory (from using it so much!), so hopefully that will accelerate my checkout time, as well. T minus 20 min and counting :)

If I still lived at home, in northern Ohio, Chicago may have been an option. Now I live in Cincinnati, though, so Cleveland's probably about the best I can do, in terms of drive time. And I loathe freeways.

Good thing the person I'm going with can be bribed into driving *smirk* I'm buying the tickets, and getting a room at a Marriott (which is where I work) for the night, so I think making someone else drive is a fair trade :P

Is anyone else here going to the show in Cleveland? Especially if you don't already live in Ohio?? Is anyone in Ohio going to a show *other* than the one in Cleveland?

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