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I just had a "unique" situation I endured, and I thought I'd share it with you all. I had made an avatar for the message boards, and tried to have it hosted on a particular site. It was a picture of Bono ala Mr. MacFisto, with a line he said from the ZooTV: Live From Sidney concert written across the picture.. "Goodbye all you Neo Nazis, I hope they give you Aushwitz". WELL. A few hours later, I got an email from the hosting site moderator. It said, and I quote, "Your picture has been removed and you have been banned from the site for posting offensive material. Please do not attempt to post on our site again." :o!!! I wrote to this site and explained what it meant & where I had gotten that line from, but they insisted that I had made "a posting of a racist nature", and that "complaints were recieved about the picture in question". ?!?! Man, I guess I can sort of see how they might see it as offensive (??), especially since they had no knowledge whatsoever of the meaning of it. But, exactly WHO is that racist against- Nazis?! Please. Probably was just the fact of the nature of the text, they just felt it was "too controversial". But to ban me from the site?! Geez.
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