Space Oddity (tiredofmymind) wrote in u2,
Space Oddity

hi, i'm a moron

Ok. before I even begin explaining myself, let me just say that in my own defense, i do in fact know that i'm an idiot.

So you know that sale that happened on Monday morning...well, I was there precisely at 10 am, ready to buy a ticket for MSG. I wanted general admission, of course, as everyone does...but i thought that the "cheapest tickets were the best seats" (ga)... so i put for the price range on ticketmaster to be the 54 dollar one, the cheap one. Not, of course, thinking much about it and was excited when one ticket came up for i bought it.

Now, as i'm sure you've figured out, it was not GA, but rather a really crappy seat somewhere in the far back. Having already bought the ticket, is there anyway I can let a friend use it or something...because it printed out a ticket, i don't think they are sending me a ticket...and the printed out ticket has my name and everything on it. So would they let someone else in using a ticket that doesn't have their own name on it?

I figure, I've already seen U2 at the brooklyn bridge show and was closer than I would ever hope to be with GA anyway, and I have ok seats for i don't think i wanna go to the MSG one. I just don't want the ticket to go to waste, you know?
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