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Not necessarily directly related to U2, but slightly...

I'm taking a seminar at school called "The Role of Africa in the Contemporary World." It's been an absolutely incredible class, taught by the American Ambassador to Ethiopia. We watched a video today - the BBC's coverage of the 20 year anniversary of the 1984-85 Ethiopian famine. It was an intense film, they showed images and footage from the camps and clinics...it was difficult. Bob Geldof was featured quite a bit, and they started talked about Band Aid and Live Aid. I'd seen clips of Live Aid on I Love the 80s, but I'd never really learned much about it. I got the chills when I saw how many people were at the Live Aid concert. Geldof organized/helped organize a wonderful thing, and it brought in so much money to help the people in Ethiopia. They also showed some clips of recording the Band Aid cd, and of course there was Bono. The Ambassador actually showed Bono around the country when he visited a few years ago...I need to ask him what he thought of Bono.
I think one of the hardest things about the film was seeing the video they showed at the concert, and then seeing that, 20 years later, Ethiopia is heading towards the same fate all over again. But lord...Geldof did something incredible with that concert.
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